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Community Center Rental

  1. Provide 2nd number in case we need to contact you regarding your rental.

  2. If you would like confirmation of your reservation, please provide an email address.

  3. Space Requested*

    Please select which space you wish to reserve:

  4. To ensure enough tables & chairs are available, indicate your expected attendance.

  5. Spaces are available between 7:00am and 1:00am. Please indicate start & end times, including setup and cleanup time.

  6. Food being served?*

  7. Village use of meeting rooms is a first priority and the Administrative Office reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the room is needed for that purpose. A minimum 24-hour notice will be given. This right will not be exercised except in emergency situations.

  8. Rental Agreement Conditions

    The rental fee is $130 (resident) $180 (non-resident) and is payable with this rental agreement to the Village of Howards Grove.

  9. Cancellations more than 14 days prior to the reservation will receive a refund of the rental fee and deposit, less a $15 processing fee. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the reservation date will not be refunded the rental fee, the deposit will be returned by mail. Fees for paying by credit/debit card are not refundable.

  10. A refundable deposit of $65 will be returned by mail upon satisfaction of rental agreement. If the key is not picked up during regular business hours, and IF an employee is available to provide after hours access, I will be charged a minimum of $50, taken from the deposit. I assume all responsibility for any damages or excessive cleaning needed that may be caused directly or indirectly to the furnishings, room and/or facility during my event. I understand payment for damages shall be taken from the deposit paid and any charges above the deposit will be invoiced to me.

  11. The Village of Howards Grove or any of its officers, agencies or employees, will not be responsible for injuries, loss of or damage to personal property occurring as a result of my activity being conducted on Village property. In addition, I agree to hold the Village of Howards Grove harmless from any and all actions or suits relating to my use of such property.

  12. Violation of any rental guidelines an/or Village Codes will be just cause for the denial of future reservation of Village facilities. Disturbances to residential neighborhoods adjacent to the Community Center will be just cause for immediate cancellation of the activity by the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Dept. (one warning will be given to the person in charge before cancellation).

  13. Rental Agreement Authorization*

    In addition to the above items, I acknowledge I have reviewed and accept the conditions and regulations stated in the Room Usage Guidelines (available online).

  14. Submit Payment

    After you click submit, you will be taken to the GovPayNet website to process your credit/debit card payment for your reservation. If you do not complete payment on the GovPayNet website, your reservation will not be made until you provide payment in some other manner. Reservations are NOT confirmed until the above information AND payment are received at the Village Hall office.

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